7 Words to Describe an NBA Superstar

Within the last month, CBS ran a story about an author and his most recent book which describes the lives of people summed up into 6 words. The author held some sort of contest with the idea and eventually had celebrities jumping on the bandwagon to submit their own 6 word memoirs. I had actually started working on this post without knowledge of the book or the story but thought I should do my research on the topic incase something like this already existed (Don’t I sound brilliant? Pfft). Sure enough someone else had thought of it! “Oh well,” I thought to myself, and quickly moved on with it because I love hackin’ on our NBA superstars!

Feel free to write your own in the comment section. The possibilities are endless aren’t they?

Kobe Bryant – Greatest of era, this year’s MVP, maybe.

LeBron James – Greatest of next era, king, touched Gisele.

Steve Nash – Should have 4 MVP’s, lies about championships.

Tim Duncan – Greatest whiner, dresses bad, please stop winning.

Dwight Howard – Superman it is, Petway is a joke.

Kevin Garnett – Worst goatee, heart, is this the year?

Brandon Roy – Portland savior, too nice, need Oden’s help.

Tracy McGrady – Who needs a big Chinese guy anyway?

Yao Ming – Broken foot, “Yo!”, come back for Olympics.

Baron Davis – Master of beards, Maverick killer, movie time!

Dirk Nowitzki – Fake MVP, give it back to Nash.

Dwyane Wade – I got my championship, thank you Shaq.

Chris Bosh – Funny commercials, mini Predator,

Chris Paul – Pro bowler, rebuilding New Orleans, too good.

Carmelo Anthony – Cornrows, million dollar smile, married MTV’s LaLa.

Gilbert Arenas – Pro blogger

Vince Carter – Air Canada? Not in a long time.

Shaquille O’Neal – Aristotle, Kazaam, Steel, Neon, Shaq Fu, Diesel.

Allen Iverson – Will I ever get a new hairstyle?

Greg Oden – Fro-hawk was a classic, not Sam Bowie.

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  1. Informative one… Gilbert Arenas is the Darren Rowse of problogger…
    I would love a list that would include losers such as Stephon Marbury, Larry Hughes and others…


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