50 Reasons Being an NBA Blogger is the "S"

  1. Because the NBA freakin’ rocks!
  2. Because J.E. Skeets does it.
  3. Because Isiah Thomas still has a job.
  4. Because every other post of yours won’t be about steroids or Roger Clemens.
  5. You get to write about a Mamba, a King, an Agent, Aristotle, Might Mouse, and Jesus.
  6. Reading your RSS is another excuse not to watch American Idol.
  7. What the hell else would you do in the winter?
  8. Because the Western Conference exists.
  9. Because this happens.
  10. This too.
  11. You get to have your own biased unbiased ranking system.
  12. You get to spread tons of rumors.
  13. In some cases, people actually pay you to write this junk.
  14. You can verbally abuse someone about an MVP vote while hiding behind your monitor.
  15. Because Superman was born again.
  16. Because Michael Beasley, Derrick Rose and Eric Gordon are coming.
  17. Because Kevin Love won’t make it.
  18. You can meet a ton of interesting friends.
  19. The NBA has All-Star games in Las Vegas and New Orleans.
  20. Because Greg Oden’s Fro-GO-Hawk happens.
  21. Because LeBron will be in New York soon.
  22. You get to interview all kinds of people.
  23. Because it’s like being in a fraternity, only it doesn’t suck.
  24. Because your post appearing on Yahoo, ESPN or SI rules.
  25. We were blessed with Odenized.
  26. My family and friends all think I’m an expert now. (hah!)
  27. Because 23 years of Air Jordan’s won’t happen again.
  28. Obsessing over trade deadlines is fun, sort of.
  29. Random NBA players date Adrianna Lima.
  30. Because scoring 116 points and losing by 50 happens.
  31. Because crediting someone else’s basketball work feels good.
  32. Because I’m doing this from my job, right now.
  33. You can interact with Europe on a regular basis.
  34. Because Stephon Marbury does interviews.
  35. You can tell people to “shut the hell up” about the LeBron and Gisele cover.
  36. Because Basketbawful exists.
  37. Because owning the front page of BallHype feels so good.
  38. Sitting in a bar with your laptop is no longer “weird.”
  39. You thought having your own fan base was impossible.
  40. Because writing about Sonics dancers’ faces is acceptable.
  41. Because I’m the hugest Barry Bonds fan and he loves the NBA.
  42. Gives me an excuse to rock an NBA jersey in public.
  43. Deleting comments pisses certain individuals off.
  44. It allowed some random guy to visit every single NBA arena.
  45. Writing about broke ass NBA players is entertaining.
  46. Because I love Damon Jones’ style.
  47. Because I can say “I wrote a blog about that before he did!”
  48. Mark Cuban is a hypocrite.
  49. You can call yourself an “owner” or “editor in chief” of something.
  50. Because NFL, MLB and NHL blogs are lame?


  1. It’s posts like these that keep NBA bloggers going at full speed. Thanks for the excellent list, once again. I’m with you on every level!

  2. Good list. I think that Kevin Love might be a better pro than you think, though.

  3. Kevin Love will be decent I’m sure…I just can’t stand him cuz I live in Oregon. And we all hate him now! 🙂

  4. While I’m partial to 36, I really, really dig 30, 32, 40…aw, hell, I like ’em all!

  5. great list

    the best reason is

    You can meet a ton of interesting friends.

    I could list 50 reasons why Smitch can’t coach……..hmmmm there is an idea…..gotta go.


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