5 Reasons that Four #1’s is Great

For the first time in NCAA tournament history we have all 4 number 1 seeds making the Final Four. I couldn’t be more excited about this and this will surely be a championship to remember for years to come. Three of the four teams are from a big time conference and one for an aspiring conference; how can you ask for more? Here are the top 5 reasons that having all four #1’s is the best thing for the tourney (and my life).

1. We don’t have to hear that bulls%&t talk about “re-seeding the Final Four.”

How annoying is that year after year after year? Every time the Final Four rolls around, Dick Vitale opens his ridiculous mouth and starts jabbering about having to re-seed the entire Final Four to make it more competitive. And from there, someone argues that maybe we should re-seed in the Elite 8, and so on down the entire tourney. It takes on a life of its own and I absolutely cannot stand it. A giant “Thank you” to Kansas, North Carolina, Memphis and UCLA for saving me, at least for this year.

2. You can finally assume that the Seletion Committee got it right!

The four top seeds making the Final Four? Thank you Selection Committee! Whoo hoo! Now please, shut up Arizona State, Jim Boeheim, and Bob Knight. We do not need 128 teams in this tournament EVER. Do you really think that extended the tournament will make it any more enjoyable or relevant? Why make the entire regular season any more meaningless than it already is?

3. Thank god for no Cinderella ruining a competitive Final Four.

That’s right people, I completely hate Cinderella teams! Not only do they ruin my damn bracket, but they ruin the Final Four. Was George Mason really a fantastic story? I think not. Do I really want to see a top tier team with superstars, get bounced by a lucky one-time shot from a wannabe football player like Jai Lewis only to get trounced on the biggest college basketball stage of the year? Davidson might have been a great story with the young rich kid dropping Kevin Martin-esque ugly 3’s, but a matchup with the #1 seed in the Final Four would have been embarrassing. Plus, they also would have ruined my #1 and #2 reasons.

4. Possible William Wesley chatter!

With the program that William Wesley built dominating the world the last 2 rounds, maybe it will inspire another TrueHoop post from our man Henry! Worldwide Wes has been known as a major factor in the recruiting process for Memphis and as you can see, the guy has an eye for talent. He could be considered THE reason that Derrick Rose joined the Tigers rather than with Eric Gordon up at Indiana. Come on Henry, give us some more “Wes Love.”

5. Your office pool just got dominated by some tool.

You can start hanging your head now “college basketball bracket pro”! The guy that picked all high or #1 seeds just cashed in on your supposed brilliance. All that bragging about West Virginia and Gonzaga in the finals really sounds “brilliant” now doesn’t it? Who’s the tool here?

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