5 Whacky Predictions for the NBA’s Second Half

The second half of the NBA season began last night and that means prediction time! This list could go on for miles so we’ve decided to cut it down to just 5 whacky ones. Feel free to disagree, but once the end of the season comes around and we hit some of these correctly, you better show your face!

1. Phoenix will take down the West!

When we say ‘take down,’ we just mean that the Phoenix Suns will win the regular season title out west. Remember, this isn’t a playoff prediction post!

They may have one of the toughest second half schedules we’ve ever seen but the Diesel will not let this train derail. Shaq has left us with some great sound bites and plenty of promises which usually mean great things for whatever team he is playing for. A motivated Shaq and the best point guard in the game will run over the rest of the league through the next 29 games. Kobe has a banged up finger, the Spurs will be holding back to get ready for the playoffs, and the Mavericks didn’t get any better even with Jason Kidd coming back to town. Watch out this week; if the Suns can take down the Lakers, Celtics and Pistons expect some great things as well as more sound bites. “The Sun will rise in Phoenix!”

2. Blazers will finish under .500!

This story was amazing while it lasted but the Portland Trail Blazers’ run has come to an end. Losing 13 of their last 23 games should really come as no surprise; they are the youngest team in the NBA people! They were once unstoppable at home but have lost 4 of their last 7 in the Rose Garden including an embarrassing loss last night to the Sacramento Kings. After a couple more meaningless games this weekend against Seattle, the Blazers will then face Boston at home followed by 2 quick ones against the Lakers and the schedule just gets harder after that. The season will break and this young team will start concentrating on Greg Oden’s mini-fro and how cute it will be next year when he’s dunking on other NBA big men. I have the Blazers penciled in to lose 18 of their final 29 and end up 39 – 43. EEK!

3. Miami will finish with a better record than the Knicks!

Right now the Miami Heat sit 7 games behind the New York Knicks for the worst record in the league. With the addition of Shawn Marion, the Heat will look re-energized in the second half and overcome the Knicks, solidifying Isiah Thomas as the worst coach ever! The Heat play the Lakers, Mavs, and Celtics just once throughout the rest of the season and should easily be able to make up 7 games. They also play the Knicks twice which is practically a freebie even if you are the Miami Heat. I love this prediction, and if the rest of them flop this will be my one winner for sure!

4. Kobe’s finger will finish as the leading MVP candidate!

That’s right! Not LeBron, KG or even Kobe himself will win the NBA’s Most Valuable Player this year. The award will be presented to Kobe’s torn finger ligament and the annoying story to go with it. Can’t you just hear it now? The end of the season will come and you’ll have scene at least 4 ESPN specials documenting Kobe and that torn finger. And every time Cheryl Miller takes the floor during the half time break on TNT you better believe you’ll be hearing Kobe’s torn ligament mentioned and interviewed at least twice (because his finger will be speaking by then). I’m sure it takes a ton of guts to play with this injury and if he leads L.A. to the #1 or #2 seed come playoff time he probably deserves to win his first MVP. I’m just personally preparing myself to be fully annoyed.

5. Arenas will return, gimp a little and shut it down AGAIN!

Agent Zero has made one failed attempt at returning to the Washington Wizards this season and you’ll likely be seeing #2 before the season ends. Now I know he’s been cleared to begin workouts with the team and has been holding hands with Etan Thomas all along but I just don’t see the drive in Gilbie to return this year. His return date has been pushed back further and further and he’s even been less vocal than usually which can only mean one thing, he’s not all that healthy. After having 2 knee surgeries in less than a year you have to wonder whether or not any player could fully recover and return to a line up. Washington fans, hope for Gilbert to be back next year, fully recovered, and insane again! The wild and crazy Arenas years were definitely my favorite.

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