3 Predictable Signs Melo going to Newark!

There are days I wake up and crack up by the news that I find! There are 3 noticeable news items that foreshadow Melo’s Newark, NJ arrival! Blacksportsonline is reporting that Melo Jersey’s are 50% off at the Pepsi Center! If this isn’t a sign about an impending trade then what is? This is America and we never want to get stuck with products we can’t sell! After all the NBA is a business. The greed in Denver is giving this one away!

 If you were looking for another sign just review the Kings-Pistons game last night. The writing was on the wall there as well with Rip Hamilton sitting out back to back games– even when Tracy McGrady went down they still didn’t play Rip!

The third sign- Melo’s ultimate dream is to play in NY, NY! He didn’t say which team he would prefer but the destination is obvious! If the NYK really were going to get into this debate they would have traded Anthony Randolph for a 1st round draft pick. Walsh met with Randolph’s agent during the Kings game but nothing happened. Shocking.

Melo is saying he will be a Nugget on Wednesday. This is the kiss of death. Deny, Deny, Deny. These are the classic statements made to the public before the big bang happens.

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