2 Pathetics in Different Directions

WhaT do the 76ers, Kings, and Jessica Simpson all have in common? THEY ALL LOOK PATHETIC.

Better yet how many beers would it take you to do a plump Jessica Simpson? I’d do her in 3 just because of her fame status. Add to that John Mayer’s sexual napalm comments and I’m in. Now ask me how many beers to get through a Sixers and Kings game? That is a much more difficult question. It’s gonna take at least 7 for the Sixers and dare I say near blackout status for the Kings.

Two teams qualify on two coasts as straight up pathetic with potential – The Sacramento Kings and The Philadelphia 76ers. Both are in the same boat with VERY different managerial approaches. The Kings are 4-11 and the Sixers are 4-13. Both cities are disgusted and both don’t have much to hope for in way of a turnaround.

Philly can live with it. They got a Phillies World Championship in 2008 and the Flyers came 2 wins away from a Stanley Cup. The Eagles got Michael Vick with a Chip and just may get that elusive Superbowl win this year.

Sacramento? What the hell do they have? NOTHING, NOTA, ZIP, poo-poo. The Kings are the only show in town. I truly feel sorry for them. As you read the Kings blogs you feel empathy for them. Every other word is vomit and yet another loss. Fact of the matter is that NBA insiders thought the Kings were going to be much better then the 76ers this year. That shows why they are “insiders” and “pundits” because that is simply not the case. It looks like Paul Westphal has been outmatched and outcoached by Doug Collins. Who woulda thought a TNT “has been” analyst could still coach? Only person I know is Chuck and he only says that cause he worked with Doug. The Sixer blogs are more upbeat because they realize things be a changing. They just gotta put that talent together. In the “less” competitive East the Sixers could still be a playoff team witha sub .500 record. The same can’t be said for the Kings. Lets break down the talent on these rosters.

Top 5 Scorers on the Sixers: Elton Brand 16PPG, Andre Iguodala 15PPG,  Jrue Holiday 14 PPG, Lou Williams 12 PPG, Thaddeus Young 12 PPG.

Top 5 Scores on the Kings: Tyreke Evans 17 PPG, Carl Landry 14 PPG, Beno Udrih 12 PPG, Demarcus Cousins 10 PPG, Francisco Garcia 10 PPG.

The Hollinger Power Rankings  have the Sixers 24th and the Kings DEAD LAST at 30. This comes to no surprise to yours truly, KoBeOfThEnBa, as I watch the pathetic, fat, and ugly Kings aka Jessica Simpson when my boys, the real Kings are off.

It comes down to the starting 5. The Sixers have legit proven NBA starters in Brand and Iggy. Their guards Holiday and Williams have logged important minutes in the NBA and are beginning to turn the corner. Young has had some ups and downs and his consistency along with Evan Turner’s developement are  the key to whether the Sixers can turn this pathetic train around.

As for the Kings the future is much more dismal. They may be a young team but they are giving too many games away and are not able to close out those games they should win…..aka last night’s Bulls game. The Kings just straight up GAVE THAT game away scoring a mere 9 points in the 4th after leading the entire way.

Their starting 5 ebbs and flows as Westphal struggles to find a combination that is effective. Tyreke Evans looks like the Rookie of the Year some nights and others looks worn down. Cassipi (2nd yr player from Israel) looks energetic and shoots lights out one night and pathetic the next. The Kings don’t have any true veteran leadership on their team except Carl Landry and Francisco Garcia. Landry and Garcia don’t compare to Brand and Iguodala. Its as simple as that.

The Kings just don’t got the ponies. They also don’t got a point guard because the split of Udrih and Garcia ain’t getting it done. Reke is not a PG he is a shooting guard. The Kings have acknowledged this and have attempted to trade for Aaron Brooks. This will not solve their problem because trading Jason Thompson will weaken them not strengthen them. Unless they plan on resigning TopHat (Landry) at the end of the year.

I never thought I would go on record as saying the Sixers got a better chance at making the playoffs but that is EXACTLY what I just did….


  1. when ai left philly i thought the new ai was gonna take over but he’s still chillin… he needs to step up more taking the team to another level. Elton Brand = injuries = disappointment.

  2. It’s true bout elton being a letdown…..but dare we say this is the year he finallt lives upto the hype? They won last night and he lead with 18.

    The “other” AI is a knockoff. He is a #3 scorer on any other team… just philly so sad he ends up being their #1 by default



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