12 a dozen, make it a Trail Blazer dozen!

They’ve done it! The Portland Trail Blazers have matched the second longest win streak in Blazer history at 12 wins in a row with what is currently the youngest team in the entire NBA. This is a pretty amazing feat coming from a team who was so fortunate to land the #1 draft pick in the NBA this off season only to watch that pick slip right out of their fingers and onto the injury report.

It has been a wild ride over the month of December with this young group of talent, but is this what we should expect from the rest of the season? The team is riding this unimaginable month with a 6 game home stand but will soon be followed up with a quite a challenging mid-season road trip. After Sunday’s game against the Sixers, followed by a quickie on the road to Utah, the Blazers will take 9 of 14 games in January on the road in what should make or break their season.

I can say that I’m hoping for continued success and the sooner-than-later turn around of this historic franchise from the depths of “jail” back to the land of the “rip.”

Tonight’s BOX SCORE.

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