11 Year Old Sports Phenom: Jashaun Agosto


I love hearing about the next up and coming child sports star! Remember when Tiger Woods was whacking golf balls in his mini-retro outfits with his dad? And LeBron James was wrapping up his arms in white sticky stuff to cover his tattoos for St. Vincent St. Mary’s live on ESPN?

As sick as it may seem at times to call an 11 year old “the next best thing” we have a lot of fun watching it unfold! The new phenom is named Jashaun Agosto from Seattle, WA. Why is he so special? Well, he is a fifth grader who can dominate his high school brother on a basketball court.

He puts all his 70 pounds behind a couple NBA-range 3-pointers and gets a commanding lead. When his brother starts guarding him close, Jashaun wraps him like a candy cane stripe and finger rolls it in. As the game ends with a 3-pointer from the corner, Jashaun looks for the next challenger while his older brother lies on the court exhausted.

“Why’d you stop playing hard?” Jashaun asks.

“I got tired.”

“I got tired, too,” Jashaun tells his brother.

“No you didn’t! You never get tired!”


It is rumored that Jashaun opened a questionnaire for UCLA just a couple of weeks past his 11th birthday! Are you kidding me!? He also ran the mile in 4 minutes and 50 seconds which is possibly a world record for his age!

Jashaun is by far the best 10 or 11 year old I’ve seen,” said Tyrell Floyd, who has worked at the Community Center and watched him practice for months.


He has already started playing AAU ball with 7th graders and is almost always the best player on the floor. The nice thing seems to be how grounded he is for being the best 5th grader on the planet. He’s a quiet kid that just likes to work hard at his game; seems a little odd for someone so young.

And just how nuts are we to be a part of the next superstar phenom child? Well the Tonight Show just happened to call Jashaun the other day and tell him he would be meeting with Kobe Bryant.

Video of Jashaun in an AAU 6th grade game:


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  1. I saw Jashaun on Ellen today and couldn’t wait for my 13 yr old son to get home to show him the video. I thought what a great example for my son who wants to play MLB. The Ellen video was fine, but when we watched YouTube videos I was not only embarrassed, as was my son at the music/language, but more so for Jashaun. The fact that his Dad and Mom would portray/market their sons talents in such a unintelligent, ignorant and sleazy manor is so disappointing. I’ve quickly lost all respect for these parents that no more than 30 minutes ago I was saluting!

  2. I must respond to this above comment only because I believe this person to be an ignorant being. Yes, maybe the music may be somewhat inappropriate at points the main point is he is still EXCELLENT at what he does. Its called natural talent!! Thats why he is getting this publicity. They are not marketing his talents they are doing what any responsible parent that wishes nothing but the best for their child. That is why he already has a top college looking at him which equals a college education, which is what any parent WISHES for there child, CORRECT? You are entitled to your opinion as is any American but recognize the skills and the skills alone. He is a very happy, energetic, excited and talented 11 year old that deserves basketballs signed by his favorite b-ball team and shoes that represent his favorite player and without his persistent parents NONE OF THAT WOULD HAVE HAPPENED!! Great job kiddo!!

  3. The point is, you do not need dirty rap representing an 11 year old child. I don’t know the parents and never will but the fact that a youtube video has this kid showboating to filthy rap is a little disturbing.

  4. I thought his youtube page was great. The kid is a unique talent no doubt. Show boating? I didn’t see any of that. But I see you are placing him in some sort of stereo type. Now thats ignorant. Mabye he likes rap music. I personally love the music. If you don’t like the music there is a simple solution. Turn the volume down and watch his basketball skills. I’m disturbed at how the first comment is basically bashing Jashauns parents. I have seen several interviews with his mom, dad, and Jashaun and they come across like very good parents. Once again. Its just music. Do you not let your 11 yr old play video games with violence? Halo? And for the mom to say that the parents are portraying Jashaun in an ignorant and sleazy manor is an attack on rap music and black people. But this is the second time I have seen her HUNT down posts about Jashaun and basically copy and paste her comment bashing the parents. A little obsessive? Thats what I find disturbing. I agree with God Momma Shanna!!!

  5. What the hell do you ****ing mean “Dirty rap representing an 11 yr old child”!! I listen to that all of the time and half of the people at my school do. Anyways, that’s not a “representation”, that’s just background music!

  6. If the so called “background” music on this video isn’t inappropriate in the minds of those who defend it, I’m left wondering what would be.
    Obviously this kid is extremely talented, but those adults who are living vicariously through his performance are pointing him down a path to being nothing but a thug.

  7. alright well a)who really cares about the background music, we all hear those words down the line so it just gets it over with faster and b)most highlight videos are like that, ur not going to find one with like country…

  8. alright well a) its just music, everyone hears those words down the road anyway so it just gets it over with, and b) its a highlight video, your not just gonna put on country music…hahaha

  9. dam its just music n he waz in a nice lookin gym he is a great player to me n can make it 2 da nba if he stays focused n commited

  10. We saw this young man play at AAU 11U Nationals where the best teams from across the country compete. My son and I were very interested in seeing his team play- To my surprise, he blended in with the rest of his team and after talking to his teammates parents we discovered that he is not even considered the “best” player on his team he is a “practice player” and his father has marketed him as the so called #1 point guard when in fact his team lost almost every game and was blown out by mediocre teams that did not even advance into the championship or classic bracket. Parents, media, fans lets stop hyping these kids up and leave it to the scouts! You are setting your kids up for failure. What i will say is that the kid seemed like a nice kid.

  11. nice looking gym, huh? yeah, because I’m thats what everyone else was focusing on

  12. I saw one or 2 of jashaun’s videos and i considered him a lttle baller. I think he’s got a great shot at the NBA and I did not even hear any music because a)for 1 of the videos there was no music and b) the other video i watched i just turned the sound down

    So stop bashing on Jashaun cause his videos kinda inspired me. he’s even got me outside playing so much b-ball that the ball popped!

  13. I agree wit Jashaunfan..Jashaun videos have also inspired me to play basketball and to become a great player like Jashaun…all of yall haterz need to leave Jashaun n his family alone and let Jashaun do wat he do best.

    Im Out

  14. i know who the next jashaun is her name is julianna walker yea thats right i said her she is a girl google her on youtube and you will see for yourself


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